Chocolate and hazelnut, they’re a delicious match made in heaven!  So it only made sense that we put them together in our range. If you’ve got a sweet tooth or love that cheeky bit of chocolate, then this granola is going to be your new best friend. It’s the perfect alternative to those chocolate bar cravings, and will provide you with so much more nutrients! We all want that chocolate hit, but also want it to be nutritionally valuable to the body. Our Chocolate and Hazelnut Clusters provide the best of both worlds!

On first bite, they’re extremely crunchy and the chocolate flavour delivers its punch. As you chew more, the flavour of the hazelnuts come out, and that perfect match is made. These clusters are slightly sweeter than our other granolas, with sultanas providing just the right amount of natural wholefood sweetness to make the flavours stand out. The coconut, seeds and nuts add their own flavour, and the lemon juice helps balance it out to deliver the perfectly combined cluster that won’t crumble if you grab a handful.