Do you have a sweet tooth, but want something other than chocolate? We’ve created something a little bit different that we know will be a winner! Our Cranberry Coconut Cluster will change your life. Its light, fruity flavour makes it the perfect sweet snack that will leave you completely satisfied and feeling like you’ve had the best treat.

When you open the bag, and then on first bite, you will be hit with a beautiful coconut flavour. The coconut delivers natural sweetness and when it’s combined with cranberries, they work together as the perfect flavour balancers. The cranberries provide a delicious sweet, but tarty, flavour and sunflower seeds add a lovely complement of sweet nuttiness to this slightly tropical granola. Lemon juice helps balance it perfectly.

On first look, these clusters look and feel like they’re made from oats, but they’re not – they’re completely gluten-free! The coconut in our granola satisfies the palate and the gut, and it’s lighter and easier to digest! It’s just the right amount of chunky goodness that you’re chasing and will most likely leave you a little addicted!