DigiGround Oktion App

DigiGround Oktion App

Oktion App was created to help charities and non-profit organisations reduce the cost of using a third-party auction app. We found that after paying the fees, these organisations were left with little funds to put towards their cause. And thus, the Oktion app was born to help organisations run live auctions and raise more funds. Oktion soon expanded to become an app that can be used for any type of auction, not just charity auctions or live silent auctions. DigiGround is also working on developing an Oktion web application to automate the process of setting up auctions, adding auction items and organising RSVPs.

The aim of Oktion is to help organisers build a relationship with their guests and increase the amount raised for their cause. Another great feature of the app is that it works seamlessly with all types of audiences and can be adapted to your settings. We want it to be an app that can be used for all sorts of auctions including live auctions, online auctions, sealed bid auctions and more.

DigiGround Oktion App Apple Store
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DigiGround youchamp App

DigiGround Christmas

youchamp App is an application created entirely in-house by DigiGround. What originally began as a discussion about organising payments internally for everyone’s birthday blossomed over time. Originally we called it “GiftApp” and it was going to be an app we use solely for the purpose of organising birthdays. Someone would buy a gift for whoever’s birthday it was, post in the app what it was, how much it was and how they paid. And then everyone would pay the amount by cash or direct debit to the buyer. But it blossomed from there into what we have now.

youchamp can be used to arrange split payments amongst friends and people you know. You can create a group and invite the people who need to pay. They can either pay you by credit card, or pay you directly with cash or direct debit. Everything is tracked in the app, letting everyone know who has paid for what, and whether or not they still owe.

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DigiGround Super Dad

DigiGround Christmas

With Father’s Day around the corner, we imagined up something all dads would love….the gift of flight! SUPER DAD is the genius result of our app team’s clever work, whose sole purpose is to create enjoyment via addictive entertainment for all the gamers in existence! Play SUPER DAD and get the chance to soar high in the sky, above the city below. Avoid the grey clouds and collect the green ones to keep Dad in the sky for as long as possible (grey cloud will deduct 5 seconds from Dad’s time). Give Dad the gift of more time, by 60 sec each time, by collecting the green clouds.  And the longer he flies, the further he will travel. Try to beat your time and see how far you can go. The more time Dad gets on his joy-flight, the happier he will be… and that’s good for the whole family!!!

Download DigiGround Super Dad, now on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

DigiGround Super Dad Apple Store
DigiGround Super Dad Google Play Store
DigiGround App DigiGround Mother Day Challenge

Our app team built the app together to be addictive and challenging to users so they would continually come back for more. The users have to beat the countdown and collect the flowers before the bar runs out. They only get one chance because if the time runs out or they pick the wrong flower the game is over and they have to start again. Users can login to post their score on the leaderboard or just choose to play without challenging anyone.

Download the DigiGround Mothers Day Challenge now on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

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DigiGround Valentines

DigiGround App DigiGround Valentines Challenge

Initially we made this app as a treat for Valentines Day. It was a web based app, embedded in a webpage and made for people to challenge their Valentine to prove who loved the other one more. But, it was so successful we used it to run a competition at our inaugral DigiGround event, Get On Board. During the night, multiple people asked us to develop it as an application and place it on the assorted app stores. So that’s what we did with some small changes. We added a leaderboard and took away the requirement of challenging someone so now you can play at will.

Download the DigiGround Valentines Challenge now on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

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DigiGround Valentines Challenge Google Play Store

DigiGround NSW vs QLD

DigiGround App DigiGround NSW vs QLD

State of Origin was upon us, and so the DigiGround NSW vs QLD app was born. Show your support for your team by choosing a side and scoring tries. Every point scored adds to the tally for the chosen state. This app uses a swipe control on mobile which is something none of our apps have used before. This application development required a lot of research into Rugby League from the app development and graphic design team before we even started developing.

Download the DigiGround NSW vs QLD app now on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

DigiGround Apps DigiGround NSW vs QLD Apple Store

The DigiGround

DigiGround App

The DigiGround App was made at the request of our Blog readers who wanted a way to be immediately notified of when we’d posted a new article on The DigiGround Blog. We developed a way to feed our Blog directly into an application for Android and iOS and send a notification to the user as soon as we published a new blog. But we didn’t stop there. We also created a function for our readers to favourite an article and comment on them. Whenever something happens on one of the articles they have marked or previously commented on, they also get a notification.

Download the DigiGround App now on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

DigiGround App Apple Store
DigiGround App Google Play Store

DigiGround Christmas

DigiGround Christmas

During the traditionally quiet time of Christmas, we decided we’d design and send our network members, friends and family an eCard to say Merry Christmas. But, in the typical DigiGround way, we didn’t want to do anything too typical and expected. We wanted something memorable and so the DigiGround Christmas app was born. Users are able to upload a photo of themselves and become Santa Claus, a Reindeer and even an elf and then send to a friend, colleague or family member. We’ll be updating the card for other holidays as well, so watch our social media channels for news.

Download DigiGround Christmas now on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

DigiGround Christmas Apple Store
DigiGround Christmas Google Play Store