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Quasar Interior Styling DigiGround Work

Quasar Interior Styling will dress your property for sale in a unique way. Unlike other businesses offering a similar service, Quasar will ensure your property is styled in a way that has never done before. When they are dressing property a for sale, they make sure that your home is perfectly designed.

The DigiGround Team outlined three key components to getting Quasar started on their journey:

  • needed a fully customised website which functioned as an online store allowing customers to be able to order online, make payments and receive receipts
  • needed a brand identity so a logo and corporate guidelines needed to be made from scratch
  • needed corporate images and a video displaying how the product functioned

Quasar Interior Styling DigiGround Work Process

The DigiGround design team collaborated with the team at Quasar to get this new project started and establish recognisable brand that Quasar can build and drive for years to come.  Vicki and Chloe have been invoiced in interior designing for many years and this new venture revolves around the styling of dwellings that help real-estate agencies in both residential and commercial property.

Quasar not only have established the business for the interior design and styling of dwellings but they also requested that we set up a state of the art online store that allows clients to purchase Quasar’s unique styling pieces that helps them extenuate the rooms and gives it that unique Quasar feel.  We set this up in a way that allows the team at Quasar to introduce new items and remove sold out items as well.

In the space of 2 weeks we set up Quasar’s brand, website and eStore that is SEO’ed and on brand.  If this is something that you would like to your business as well contact the DigiGround team and we will help you establish the digital/brand/website part of your business.

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Quasar Interior Styling
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Quasar Interior Styling
Quasar Interior Styling is an interior design company who specialises in dressing properties for sale. They use unique decorations to match the style.
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