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Shell Riverview Service Centre DigiGround Work

Shell Riverview Service Centre was the first Website built under our DigiGear program. The website was requested in the morning and we had it ready for review within just 3 hours. Shell Riverview Service Centre is located near Port Macquarie and has been in operation for more than 50 years. This was their launch onto the internet and it had to be great.

Our graphic designer has previously created the logo, branding and business cards for the service centre so we had a previous relationship. When they needed a website at a low cost quickly, they requested DigiGround. Our web developer and digital marketing specialist went to work, utilising one of our pre-built templates, they registered a domain name, set up hosting, installed the content management system and were good to go.

Shell Riverview Service Centre DigiGround Work Process

Because we already had a good understanding of the branding guidelines, we were able to start building almost straight away. The Digital Marketing Specialist was on the phone to the customer immediately, gathering all the information she needed to start writing content and she was able to provide the content to our website administrator as it was being done.

Once we had the content and page structure ready to go, we were able to deploy and develop the website faster than could possibly be imagined. The Creative Director did the design audit at the end and the website was ready for review.

There were only minor customisations in the initial review and so at the end of the day, the website was live. Since the website has gone live, we’ve also expanded the functionality to allow online bookings to be taken and are now regularly maintaining the website as well as working on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Shell Riverview Service Centre
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Shell Riverview Service Centre
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