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Soluzione is an IT Services company located in India who have a vast array of offerings to assist businesses with their workflows and processes. Soluzione are Microsoft Gold Partners for Dynamics 365 development and have proven they are able to streamline business solutions through Microsoft’s technology. Soluzione have deployed systems in various industries including RTOs & Student Management, other education sectors, financial planning, Not-For-Profit (NFP) and many others. But, it doesn’t just stop with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development; the team are also experts in the field of application development (mobile & web), digital content services, WordPress development and so on and so forth.

Soluzione IT Services is a DigiGround partner who we often work with to develop and deploy solutions to our network. You can trust Soluzione with all your business needs. If you need solutions including CRM development or improvement in business automation, contact us and we can help you.

Soluzione IT Services Work Process

We were asked to provide a whole new website and concept refresh.  Their old website was huge with no design or user-flow for lead generation identified.  What we determined is they are basically creators of artificial intelligence in that they create systems that can complete complex administrative tasks in an automated way to free time for employees to concentrate on other more important functions like customer service, strategy and planning.  Hence, the design of the website delivered strong images to convey this concept. The text was also updated to match the concept where possible and refreshed for SEO purposes.

We went through a process of selecting imagery prior to building written content to try and marry the concept across the webpage. Throughout the process, our team was in constant contact with the Soluzione team to decide the best course of action. DigiGround dedicated the best of the best in the team to make sure both the partner and DigiGround were getting the best results. The content was updated with the overall artificial intelligence feel.  The website was optimised for search and we then took down the old website and moved the new one into the new server. What came out the other end was a fantastic webpage built around the sharing of information and highlighting all the skills and talents that Soluzione have at their disposal.  So far, Soluzione have had more enquiries on their new website then ever before!

Soluzione IT Services
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Soluzione IT Services
Soluzione IT Services is an innovative and advanced technology company located in Bhopal India who develop systems for customers all over the world.
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