Sydney Graphic Design

At DigiGround, we have a secret weapon. It’s our talented designers.  But sshh, don’t let your competitors find out about our skill at Graphic Design.

Our designers have over 30 years’ experience combined and are dedicated individuals, with can do attitudes. They have the ability to bring your ideas to life. When you hire a DigiGround designer, you’re getting the best in the market.

Your branding will be personalised to suit your company identity.  This means every colour, pattern and image will be your own.  If you are struggling to know what sort of creative elements you need, don’t worry, we have it sorted.

Our marketing specialists will provide brilliant ideas, to help promote your products or services so you don’t have to rely on generic icons or imagery. Unleash the DigiGround secret weapon and stand out from your competitors.

Whether it’s for your brand or you need help with your event management, call us now to get your graphic design started today! OR, you can fill out the form and we’ll contact you.


Why pay for graphic design for your next marketing campaign?

Have you ever recognised a brand just by the colour, logo or font they’ve used? Think Coca-Cola, Google or Apple. All global brands, all easily recognisable. Now, we understand you may not have the same Gross Profit Income as these companies, but there’s no reason you can’t adopt the same marketing campaign strategies as them.

A good graphic design can create a memorable first impression for your brand.  It can convey your brand’s personality in one look and form. And, like the above-mentioned companies, good consistent branding will almost always leverage your company and most importantly, help to sell your product or service.

Here at DigiGround, we have a team who can develop all aspects of your design.  We specialise in logo design, style guides, print design, app design, website design, photography, video and branding.

So, capture your future client’s attention from the get-go. Contact us now to fire up your design!

How we turn your graphic design into art

DigiGround Process Step 1

Scoping session

We look at company culture, products, services, style guides (if they exist) and goals.

We consider design elements and what’s possible, then provide a brief with our concept to meet your needs.  Including selecting the perfect colours, fonts, slogans, pictures and other elements.

DigiGround Process Step 2

Concept development

The second stage is to run our amazing graphic design concept by you.  You are guaranteed to love the creative concept but just in case you don’t (highly unlikely), we will go back to the drawing board until you are completely satisfied.

DigiGround Process Step 3

The Presentation

Our designers will present you with all your branded resources, be it business cards, corporate stationary or flyers, whatever you have requested, all wrapped up in a great package.  You’ll be highly impressed so much so, you’ll want to show all your friends and colleagues. Want to get started?


Do you need a graphic design agency?

We can be the ones that solve all your problems. Just have a look at some of our happy clients.


The DigiGround team was excited to work with U Transform U to create their corporate brand and webpage for their service. We worked with them to create a unique and interesting concept for their service to launch. We absolutely enjoyed this project and continue to work with them in the future.


DigiGround specialises in all different types of photography and media development which includes animation. Check out here how we can help you with all your multi-media needs today.


The DigiGround Christmas Card was a great way for us to introduce ourselves to the world. It was a huge success as a web based application and so we moved it into an iOS and a Google version. We’ll be updating it each year with extra features and love to see what creations users come up with.

Head to our DigiGround work page to see more some of the amazing work done by our Sydney graphic design agency. If you are a not-for-profit organisation and need help with creating design, then head to our DigiCare Program page to find out how to apply.

Contact the DigiGround team today. We’ll help you with all your graphic design needs. Call us now!