You’re a marketer, not a photographer. So why do you need to include images and graphics in your blogs when words should be enough to capture your audience’s attention? Photographs are a great supporting tool you need to take your written content from bland to amazing.

Using images in blogs

Use images to break up text

In the same way you use paragraphs to break up points and make text easier to read, use images to separate points and make the content easier to digest. Especially do this for long blogs. Readers are lazy. Give them a huge chunk of text, and they’ll run to find something quicker to read. Even if your wall of text isn’t that long, if it looks like a tough read, they won’t even bother.

Choose high quality images

Imagine reading a blog where all the images are low quality, blurry and maybe even slightly pixelated. Are you going to read that blog? If the writer can’t be bothered finding good quality images, then their writing might be the same, too. So even though images are important in general, so is using high quality ones. If you’re using poor quality images, you might as well use none at all.

Make sure it’s legal

You can’t get just any image from the internet and stick it in your blog. Some companies even charge a fee for this. When you choose images from the internet, check that you’re legally allowed to use it. And check if you must credit the photographer/company. If you’re not sure what’s legal and what’s not, make sure you read our blog on this topic.

Keep it SEO friendly

Blog images are great for SEO. Make sure you add your keywords to the image’s URL and add an ALT tag. If you’re blogging about social media marketing, make your keywords “social media marketing”. Whenever someone Googles these keywords, and your image shows up, they might click through to your blog! So, choose an effective keyword, instead of naming your image a0218yz47.jpg.

Your images should tell a story as much as your writing does. It’s important to not just include images, but to also make sure they help tell your story. Make them an integral part of all your blogs. Basically, think of images the same way you think of your blog title – you wouldn’t go without one!

Images in Blogs
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Images in Blogs
Images in blogs on your website should tell a story. They're a great supporting tool that takes your written content from bland to amazing.
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