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Chief Executive’s Message

The Office of Local Government’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022 outlines our vision, goals and strategies as we continue to strengthen the performance, integrity and sustainability of local councils in NSW.

The plan will ensure our agency is in the best possible position to enable local and state governments to work together to better serve local communities.

The Office is committed to stronger collaboration with local councils, joint organisations and peak sector bodies to help inform the Government’s policy and regulatory frameworks.

This will underpin our efforts to deliver effective and targeted programs to strengthen the capacity of local councils to provide high quality infrastructure, facilities and services to local communities across the state.

We will work with councils and joint organisations to ensure they are key partners in the delivery of important Government initiatives including its 20-year Economic Vision for Regional NSW.

The Office will continue to be a modern and effective regulator that holds councils and officials to account, taking early action on poor performance and breaches of integrity requirements.

Our aim is to strike the right mix of monitoring, intervention, capability improvement and engagement activities.

Over the next four years we will invest in our people, systems and processes to build a professional and accountable organisation with a strong reputation for delivery and excellence.

In setting the direction for the Office of Local Government, I am pleased to introduce our Strategic Plan 2018-2022. I would also like to thank my staff for contributing to our new plan and for their ongoing dedication and commitment to serving the people of NSW.

I look forward to working with my staff, councils, joint organisations, peak sector bodies, and government agencies to enable local and state governments to work together to better serve local communities.

Tim Hurst
Chief Executive

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