The SmartB Service Seeker app gives you access to lots of qualified personal trainers near you. The only problem is – do you need a personal trainer? Read on to find out if professional personal training services are right for you!

Why do I need a personal trainer?

Fitness education and knowledge

If you are new to working out, chances are you won’t know how to perform certain exercises correctly without some guidance. A personal trainer can provide you with the education and knowledge you need to ensure that you are perform exercises properly and effectively. Your SmartB personal trainer will also educate you in areas such as programming, lifestyle changes and nutrition (if they are qualified nutritionists). They will help you fine tune your technique to minimise injury and get your body functioning correctly.

Appropriate exercises and program

They key to making results in the gym is by doing the right exercises for you. A professional personal trainer will put together a fitness program to help you meet your specific goals. This program can also be personalised to suit your lifestyle, workout location, capabilities, interests and more. For example, there’s no point doing high intensity sessions if your body isn’t ready for it! Your SmartB personal trainer will give you the right workouts to minimise injury and imbalances.

Keep accountable

Setting goals – and sitting to them – is a must if you want to see results! Your personal trainer will check in with you to make sure you are on track to reaching specific goals. Having a personal trainer will allow you to debrief your challenges, successes and make program tweaks if necessary to ensure that you’re on the path to success.

Prioritise fitness and health

Hiring personal training services is a great way to keep your fitness and health a high priority. Changes shouldn’t be looked at as a short-term fix – it needs to be practised regularly. Committing to personal training services means that you are likely to keep it as part of your regular schedule.

There are many personal trainers ready to hire on SmartB. Make sure you ask for many quotes and find the right service provider for your individual needs!