As a physiotherapist, there’s something special about waking up in the morning knowing that you’re going to help someone today. But after spending many years working 10 to 6 in a clinic, it can get hard to look after yourself the way you look after your clients. Your body starts to get tired, your muscles ache and you feel uneasy about the false promises, dead ends and underpaid staff in the industry. When this happens, you know it is time to turn to SmartB for physiotherapy.

SmartB for Physiotherapists

On top of helping people, many professional physiotherapists are looking to meet career goals, maintain a high level of performance and grow their name in the industry. But now the community is oversaturated with capitalised business owners, low consumer demand and private practices. This leaves experienced physiotherapists with the option to either continue the cycle or to start something new. If you want to make a change, instead of dropping out of physiotherapy, consider using SmartB as a service provider.

What if you don’t want to get stuck in a negative system of meeting targets every day of your life?

What if you want flexibility and control over your work life?

What if you could change the experience of working as a physiotherapist?

What if you could make more money, work less and work wherever you like?

SmartB Service Provider is your answer. Imagine yourself waking up, but instead of throwing on your uniform and racing to work, you take your time to have breakfast with the kids. You think after how nice the beach looks in the afternoon and go out there. You think about all the experiences you can have with your loved ones. Think about all of this, just for a moment, and sign up to SmartB service provider.

We will give you control over your life, so you can provide your qualified services at your own pace.

You won’t look back.

Head to to get started as a professional SmartB physiotherapist.